tnt music factory Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 8.05.11 PMBefore Clivilles and Cole started C & C Music Factory they were churning out house remixes and doing production work for  everybody from Natalie Cole to Buster Pointdexter. No one was safe from their signature sound (lots of pianos!) Even Evelyn Champagne King felt the wrath of these 90’s Jock Jam juggernauts and I couldn’t be more happy about it. Just check the dub (my personal fav) and vocal versions of “Hold on…” if you don’t agree. Viva la C&C!Evelyn Champagne King – Hold on to What You’ve Got (Set it off Dub)
Evelyn Champagne King – Hold on to What You’ve Got (Extended Original Mix)


pom pom clubScreen Shot 2013-11-27 at 12.11.53 AMI’m back posting for the couple of you that follow. Sorry for my hiatus. I apologize for any sleepless heart ached nights or trauma my absence may have caused you.
Love you too,
Tom Tom Club – Suboceana (Magic Juan Atkins Mix)
Tom Tom Club – Dont Say No (Short Marshall Jefferson Mix)


saturday happenings NP118This weekend at Le Bain we’ll be joined by none other then Riton of Carte Blanche and Gucci Sound System Fame. He’s the homie of all homies, the charming man and The Creme de la Creme. To just call him talented would be the understatement of the year. Just check his live 909 set from Boiler Room last October here if you don’t believe me.

See you Saturday!


based on a true storyjoemP
I’m not sure what happened to Lil B. I can’t say that I was ever a fan, I just think it’s weird that while he was being conditioned to be the next Tom Cruise all his peers we’re using his same formula, getting deals and blowing up. I guess a good song is a good song and Lil B never really had one. This song was awesome though.
Lil B – Cocaine (Vocal Version)
Lil B – Cocaine (Instrumental Version)


twin turboimg1284977063763762_thompsontwinsjpg_616x375 A lot of people said they were not the same after the black guy (Joe Leeway) left the group in the mid eighties. If by “not the same” they mean better then I couldn’t agree more. Here’s two awesome remixes by the chef  Shep Pettibone  from a post black guy Thompson Twins for your listening pleasure.

Thompson Twins – In the name of Love 88 (Railroad Mix)
Thompson Twins – Sugar Daddy (Sugar House Mix)


baked goods44015162_640Two of my favorite remixes by one of my favorite remixers from two of my least favorite artists. Got all that? Viva la Arthur Baker! Oingo Boingo – Out of Control [Arthur Baker Remix] (Fingertips Vocal Mix) 
Neneh Cherry – Buffalo Stance [Arthur Baker Remix] (1/2 Way to House Mix)