super friday1800377_10152221983991726_1561648469_n The grins haven’t even settled from last weekend and we’re already gearing up for another face melting night or fun. This could very well be our last Tiki until the summer so don’t mess around and miss this. With Soul Clap throwing down in the main room this is guaranteed to be one for the books. See you Friday!

Resident Advisor
Ticket Fly


real genius?realgenius9Two of my favorite songs from one of my favorite movies from easily the best decade ever. This movie was Val Kilmer’s second (and best), it introduced the world to character actor Jon Gries, it taught me the power of a concentrated laser and that popcorn when coupled with said laser is sketchy. Go watch Real Genius now! The Comsat Angels – i’m Falling (Extended Version)
Chaz Jankel – No. 1 (Manhattan Mix)


chris chuck brown


I recently had a conversation with a friend about how DC go-go is the one of the greatest things to happen to modern music since Chuck Berry and how unfortunate it was that people outside of DC, Maryland or Virginia will never know that. Growing up near DC Gogo was such an integral part of my upbringing. Before there was hip hip, before there was disco, before there was house music there was Gogo. Heres a quick mix I made a while back with a bunch of classics and what I assume were current bangers. It’s not for everyone however if you get it you love it and if you don’t thats really unfortunate. Lloydski – Dont mean a thing…a gogo mix
Chuck Brown – Back it on Up (Extedned Version)