HBD Ozzy
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To celebrate Ozzy’s birthday I thought I’d bless you with this amazingly random track. It was originally recorded in 1982 by post disco outfit Was Not Was, Ozzy Osbourne and a pre famous Madonna. “Shake Your Head” was a forgettable album track until it was re-recorded in 92. With the re-release came a Steve Silk Hurley house remix and the addition Kim Basinger whom stood in for Madonna who by that time was so big she wanted nothing to do this track. However, Was Not Was went and left Madonna’s vocals in anyway making this the one and only time Kim Basinger, Madonna and Ozzy Osbourne collaborated on anything…ever! I’m a nerd by the way.

Was Not Was – Shake Your Head (Steve Silk Dub Remix)
Was Not Was – Shake Your Head (Steve Silk 7″ Vocal Remix)

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