Still in Miami 1017024_10153575892655389_1966012177_nBeing at Basel is the equivalent of being shot out of a cannon into a field of more cannons. There are no breaks, pit stops or time outs. Once you’re here you’re kinda at the mercy of Miami and the city can be pretty unforgiving. My original goal was to come here, work and take it as easy as possible. I’ve been successful at all but one of those things so far.

I have learned a couple of things since landing though. The first was that after seeing him live Wednesday night I realized I don’t know a single Kendrick Lamar song (which I can live with) and the second is that LIV is such a night life juggernaut that your Iphone doesn’t auto-correct the word “LIV” when you type it. I’m sure there’ll be more lessons learned by the end of this trip but for now viva Miami!
The Sparks – Rock ‘N’ Roll People In A Disco World – Original Version

pic courtesy of e_mk


Im going to Miami todayImageBetween not having been since the summer, the awesome parties I’m doing this year and this New York winter rolling in I can’t fucking wait to be in Miami. I’m probably going to post as little as possible but it wont be because I don’t love you.  It’ll be because they don’t have wifi on the beach. (sad face)

Anyway, later!

 The Gibson Bothers – Ooh What a Life (Original Version)